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Nick Ginn - Owner/Engineer/Producer

P: 905-537-0487

Nick Ginn is Hamilton-based engineer and producer who has worked with a range of musicians spanning several genres. After graduating from Recording Arts Canada in 2011, Nick cut his teeth working with dozens of punk and metal bands in a handful of Hamilton studios before broadening his scope to hip hop, indie rock and folk rock. In the summer of 2013, Nick opened up Schoolhouse studios, and has worked with such acts as Bike Thiefs. In his spare time Nick also plays drums in Hamilton hardcore outfit Hellbent.


E = Engineer                M = Mix                P = Produce                MA = Master

Sinner - In Filth EP (E/M)

Oh, Pioneer - Acoustic Sessions (E/M/MA)
Damage Control - “Blurred Lines” (Single) (E/M/P/MA)
Hellbent - EP3 EP (E/M/P)
Act Of Sin - Casting The Second Stone EP (E/M/P)
Overman - The Forrest EP (E)
Bike Thiefs - Wicked Game (Chris Issac Cover) Single (E/M/P)
Rarity - I Couldn’t Be Any Weaker LP (Rise Records) (Additional Engineering)
Atlantic Division - Don’t Take It Personally EP (E/M/P)
Bring Me The Author - Act II: The Defined LP (M)
Them Thieves - …And Then They Came For Us LP (E/M/P/MA)
Sinner - Scorned Earth EP (E/M/P)
Overman - It’s Overman EP (E/M/P)

Hellbent - EP2 (E/M/P)
Pretty Odd - The Drab LP (E)
The Twenty-Seven Club - “Force Fed” (Single) (E/M/P/MA)
Act Of Sin - “Broken Wing Syndrome” (Single) (E/M)
Bike Thiefs - These Things Happen All The Time EP (E/M/P)
River Groves - Workhorse EP (E/M)
Hey Clown – Elevator Rock EP (E/M/P)
Rarity - Alive In Your Eyes EP (Rise Records) (Additional Engineering)
Come Out Swinging - S/T EP (E/M/P/MA)

Coldfront - School House Live (E/M/MA)
Hellbent – EP1 (E/M/P)
Cold Feet - Demo (E/M/P/MA)
Face Value - “James Blunt” (Single) (E/M)
Deterrence – “MOBS” (Single) (E)
Defy The Villan – EP I (E/M/P)
Her Last Words – Devalution EP (E/M/P/MA)
Deterrence – “Purpose” (Single) (E/M/P)
Bike Thiefs – Bloated EP (E/M/P)

Arrivals – Demos (E/M/P/MA)
Mayfield – The Fall Sessions EP (E/M/P)
The Deadly Hopefuls – Pretty Soon  LP (E/M/P)
Within The Wreckage – “Shine” (Single) (E/M/P/MA)
Dreamers – Strictly Business EP (E/M/P)

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