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Kyle Luettschwager - Engineer/Producer

E: kyle@schoolhousestudios.ca

Kyle Luettschwager is a Mississauga producer/engineer who until beginning his tenure at Schoolhouse, had been recording several GTA punk and indie acts out of his basement. Kyle also spent time working as an intern for Gavin Brown at Nooble St Studios in Toronto, where he did work on like Mother Mother and Three Days Grace.


E = Engineer                M = Mix                P = Produce                MA = Master

HD Stardom - Sara & Mel EP (E/M/P/MA)
Devontee Woe - Bare Tings Single (M)
Revery Ashton - Journey EP (MA)
Pretty Odd - The Drab LP (M/P)
River Groves - Workhorse EP (P)
Three Days grace - Human LP (Editing)

other Mother - Very Good Bad Thing LP (Editing)

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